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How to Navigate the Design Request Portal

November 14, 2021

Here's how you can navigate the Designs Request portal.

Inside the portal you can do the following:
  • View Dashboard
  • Review Requests
  • Add team members in "Users"
  • Add files in "Storage"
  • and more

1. Logging In

You can log in to visiting the request portal on our website via the top navigation titled "Client Portal" at selecting "Request Portal", or at

2. Dashboard

This is the dashboard view once you are logged in to the portal:

3. Submit a Request

This is how you submit a design request in to the portal:

4. Review Requests

On the dashboard clients can see the latest requests, both ongoing and archive. You can also view it from the "Requests" tab on the left hand side. When you open a request, you can see the status, add team members/followers, see brand files, as well as the project discussion thread. Here is where you'll receive project updates.

5. Add Team Members in "Users"

Need to add a team member to a project, you can add colleagues by visiting the "Users" tab on the left.

6. Add files in "Storage"

In "Storage" you can add/update company files, brand assets or any supporting documents.

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