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reviews from clients, Colleagues and supporters
Pheelosophy Review Soniya Raju Houston Realtor In House

"I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to brand their business.."

"Phe is timely, professional, and gives me the honest opinions and the creative edge needed to steer me in the right direction.

There hasn't been one project that I've embarked on with her that hasn't received compliments and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to brand their business or getting the appropriate designs to host a spectacular event!"

Pheelosophy Review Shayla B TruCare Pharmacy Houston, TX Pharmacist Medical Marijuana

"Her work was been nothing but stellar. She was very punctual and always professional."

"Phylicia worked with our brands for over a year and her work was been nothing but stellar. She was very punctual and always professional. Phylicia took initiative to assess our needs even when we did not have the time to to identify them for her. She pays attention to detail and maintained the mindset to always drive our business forward. I highly recommend Phylicia for your digital and social media needs."

SHAYLA B., PharmD, RPh
Pheelosophy Review Kara Jalomo
medspa manager

"Working with Phe has been effortless! Phe is creative, unique and extremely professional."

...Every marketing request is done in a timely manner and she always follows instructions. I get countless compliments on website and social media platforms. Looking forward to the future!"


Danielle Keys B.

"Phe is by far one of the greatest creative professionals that I have been fortunate to work with, especially in bringing my campaign's vision to life! She is efficient, brilliant, responsive, and all positive things above. I highly recommend her services on any level creative and/or digital arts. I can't wait to work with her again!"

Bryan S.

"Amazing work! Definitely upgraded our image. The best and very professional! I was able to attract clients, employees and the community at large."

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Paulana L.

"I will sing Phe's praises to the mountain top! She is not only an amazing creative partner, but she adhere's to deadlines like no other. She truly understands the importance of creating a brand's DNA and the power of social media. Her business savviness is bar none. I can't wait to see Phe win more!"

Interior Designer
"Phe should stand for “phenomenal” because that’s the experience I’ve had working with her for my new logo design and website. She not only is thoughtful with her approach, but super efficient as well!"
Pheelosophy Review Leslie Lozano Austin, DJ Social Media Strategist
DJ & Social media strategist

"Phylicia has been my go to for all marketing, social and web assets for years."

"Phylicia has been my go to for all marketing, social and web assets for years. She has helped me develop my brand and sustain it with quality content that truly reflects me and my business.

She has an eye for detail and is always ahead of the curve. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my branding. I highly recommend her work to everyone!"

Pheelosophy Review Adenola A Career Strategist  Employee Redefined

"Phylicia is such a joy to work with, her work ethic is truly invaluable."

...Whenever I worked with Phe to create content, I always loved how patient she was and how quickly she turned designs and graphics around.

You never have to ask her for status updates and she’s always right there when you need her. She takes initiative to make things easier for the team."

Pheelosophy Review Kara Jalomo

"I love my deck so much thank you for your help!!"

thank you so much I can’t wait to start pitching to brands 🥺️

I love my deck so much thank you for your help!!"

Event Planner
"Amazing service and timely communication. Very organized and terrific at explaining process and design! Incredible professionalism and organization"
Manuela G.
Pheelosophy Review Adenola A Career Strategist  Employee Redefined

"...incredible eye for design, joy to work with..."

Thank you so much Phe for your professionalism, for your incredible eye for design, for being a true joy to work with, and for bringing my vision to life."


Alicia M.

Phee is so talented and helpful! Working with her on my website has helped my brand come alive. For the last two years, I've looked for a website developer that could help me bring my concept to birth. I love Phee's approach when deciding to take on a particular project. She is so detailed and asks all of the right questions. Questions that I didn’t know I needed. It’s so important to work with the RIGHT person when it comes to developing brand image. My two-year wait was worth it because the service and direction I received during the process have been TOP TIER! Phee provided many resources and ensured I felt clear and confident about my direction. Phee has made me feel so comfortable throughout the out entire process! I really can’t thank you enough, Phee. You’ve been a gift to my brand.

Briah K.

I absolutely loved my final product and experience, Phee’s communication was impeccable and the actual work was even better! 10/10 recommend for any brand needs! I have a plethora of new content to choose for my social media accounts and the quality of my content is top tier. I loved the fast turnaround and amazing delivery!


Houston Fitness Professional

Amazing, Consistent, Reliable, Professional, Trustworthy, Patient, Creative, Time Efficient, Affordable, These Are Only A Few Words That Describe My Experience Working With This Business! Did I Say Amazing? You Will Not Be Disappointed By Choosing Her For All Of Your Design Needs!

Serena P.

"If you're looking for a sign to work with Phe, this is it!

Throughout our project, the Pheelosophy team has exceeded all expectations, providing around-the-clock support, creativity, and expertise. When you work with Pheelosophy, you benefit from the collective experience of experts in every creative field; the service is unparalleled, with an abundance of professionalism and kindness to match.

While working with Phe personally, her talent, vision and drive have never ceased to amaze me. From the very beginning of our project, it was clear that ethics and values shape all of Phe's work, a rare trait that makes her projects truly special.

I am certain that I will continue working with Phe on any future branding projects. I don't believe that anyone else could have brought my vision to life. Phe has genuinely transformed my brand, and I could not recommend the Pheelosophy team more."

The Buzz on Social

The Streets are talking...

Tasha Bleu

"Phylicia is an irreplaceable marketer! She creates customized sales-driven evergreen content that has shown a HUGE return! She knows her clients and she always keeps their best interest in mind! I will continue to work with Phylicia as my company grows! I highly recommend her work to everyone!"

"Phe was such a joy to work with, each and every step along the way. I can't thank Phe enough! Phe was such a joy to work with, each and every step along the way. She is thorough, enthusiastic, flexible, patient, and offered great recommendations to enhance my vision ! She has a great creative eye, and i'm so happy to have worked with her. I'll definitely be working with her again!"

Vonnie M.

DJ & Community Curator
Roxy K.
Digital Marketer

"Working with Phylicia added soooo much value to my personal and professional development. Phylicia mentored me through the ideation and launch of my business and provided so much invaluable insight and wisdom to aid me along my journey. I was able to successfully launch my business, hone my creativity and learn so much from Phe. She is a savvy business woman with an eye for digital arts and total force to be reckoned with!"

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