I'm Phe

An entrepreneur, designer, philanthropist & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.
born-and-raised Houston, TX girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream,
I am an artist specializing in photography, influencer marketing and graphic design.

Through my experience, resources and blog for creative entrepreneurs, I have been able to brand and elevate over 50+ clients in industries such as, Healthcare, News & Entertainment, Beauty, Startups, and Nonprofits, for over 5 years.

My services allow businesses to worry less about the design and marketing aspects of their company and focus on the parts they may have been neglecting. I help people like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results.

I truly believe that culture, experimental marketing & a fresh approach to content creation can shift the social climate, so
I create with the intent to inspire others
to push the boundaries of their profession or craft.
Trust me, I understand your struggle. Having an idea or project but not knowing how to effectively execute it. I'm here for you.

During the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey I had the exact same frustrations you have when I first started. I kept runny into unprofessional, XX XX XXX, who claimed to XXXX.

I took that same frustration and began to do for myself. I now have a thriving business that values your TIME, Money XXX somethings others my dont
Brands gain XXX, XXX, and XX from my services

Whether that’s somethingphysical, inspirational, mentally helpful, etc. It’s time to set their expectationsand make sure the air is clear.

One of the things I’m often asked is
"Why and How you get started in all this?"
Following the completion my Master's In Public Health degrees and moving back to the United States after living in Cambodia, I knew I was destined for more. I began to nurture the skills and gifts I had been ignoring for years and took a chance on MYSELF, MY IDEAS, and DREAM LIFE.

I took my love for social impact and health research and

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential. I wanted to know, what exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and creatively fulfilled? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances?I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: writing, hip-hop, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, fitness and philanthropy, just to name a few.

After several failed attempts at corporate jobs and a lot of angst trying to choose just one thing to be in life, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability.I gave up the security of the 9-5, began bartending and waiting tables and doing a multitude of odd jobs to keep a roof over my head while slowly building a coaching business from the ground up.I later coined the term "Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur" because I just didn’t (and never will) fit into a conventional box.
Next, you can get into your why. This is what’s going to set you apart from othersin your industry. Why do you do what you do? Tell your story and let peopleinto who you are as a person and business owner.

People do want to know the quirky cute little things about your, so don’t be afraid todrop in some personals. Talk about some of your favorite things, the favorite places you’vetravelled, what types of books you love to read, other hobbies that you have, etc. Show offyour humanity!

While you’re talking about yourself, try mentioning a mistake or laughable momentyou’ve had in your business. Remember, people buy from people. They want to know thatyou make mistakes just like them and are still successful.

You are a success story, so share the little funny things that've happened to you along theto becoming who your are in your business.

dropping your social proof, credibility or subtly droppingyour proudest numbers: “Join over 500 entrepreneurs in my copywriting Facebook group“ or“I had the honor of writing for Entrepreneur.com in a post about....“.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.
With warm regards,

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