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Our Philosophy

Elevating the influential and sustainable - one brand experience at a time.

Pheelosophy’s mission is to equip and elevate influential, future-forward and social-good brands. We strive to establish an effective way of taking creative ideas from conception to execution. It’s essential not only to provide brand experiences of the highest quality, but to make local and global impact in the process.

Core values
Challenging The Creative
We embrace creative exploration, innovation, experimentation and the pursuit of the impossible.
Quality Experience
We strive to provide exceptional experiences for our clients, team members and partners.
Supporting Impact
We value inclusive economic growth, resource efficiency and environmental regeneration.
Curating Collaboration
We believe in the power of collaboration and promoting fruitful and intentional partnerships.
We encourage diving into new ideas and honing in on personal interests.
Community Culture
We support the preservation of community and the amplification of what's important in culture.

Phe Morgan

CEO | Design consultant & Strategist

Phe Morgan "pronounced Phee as in Bee" is a multidisciplinary designer on a mission to push influential, social-good, future-forward, and feel-good businesses to the forefront. Coined, The Brand Whisperer, Phe's strategic and dynamic approach to design has crafted irresistible brand experiences for over 250 entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations.

The Black-Owned Agency, Pheelosophy, was birthed out of passion and frustration. After graduating with her Master's In Public Health in 2015, Phe spent the following years working with nonprofits that served communities of color both locally and globally. Shortly following, she began to pivot after consistently noticing a lack of creativity, strategy and amplification. The Houston native wasted no time applying her education in community building and marketing with her passion for design.

Phe now has clientele in industries including healthcare, beauty, real estate, food & beverage, entertainment, and more. Phe takes pride in working with those who are making an impact and pushing the envelope in their industry. Over the past 8 years, Phe has worked with and designed for Red Lobster, Complex, House Of Blues, several celebrity photographers, Influencers and many more.

client results

Grant recipient
BPWS was been selected as a grant recipient through the Adidas • @ifundwomen Reimagine Sport Grant Program.
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Semi-Finalist + Grant
BPWS was selected as a semi-finalist for @essence and @pinesol's "Build Your Legacy" Contest!
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Mentorship + $250K
BPWS was ⁠Complex Networks' B.O.S.S. Program client!⁠ Receiving mentorship from C-Suite executives, $250K marketing services and more!
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