Spotify Now Lets Users Mute Problematic Artists

Monday, January 21, 2019
Phe Morgan

We finally have to capability to #MUTE problematic artists..

We finally have to capability to #MUTE problematic artists..

Spotify has quietly released a feature giving users the ability block artists' songs from their feed. A new “Don’t play this artist” button can be found in the artist menu and is not permanent once selected. The songs will still be visible on the platform as well as playlists but the streaming site will skip blocked artist tracks. Unfortunately, at this time the new feature is unable to track whether the blocked artist is featured on someone else's song.

"The block feature is currently available to access on the Spotify mobile app, but has yet to go wide on the desktop app or web player versions."

- Pitchfork

Will other streaming platforms jump onboard?

Phe Morgan
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