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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Phe Morgan
Photo courtesy of Squarespace

Work with experienced web designers directly on Squarespace!

Work with experienced web designers directly on Squarespace!

Squarespace just announced their partnership with 99designs, bringing us the new Squarespace Marketplace. This feature allows users the ability to work with experienced web designers directly on the platform! Freelance designers who have been pushing their customized web themes and layouts but have been unable to generate leads or exposure now have the opportunity to showcase their work. Hire an independent Squarespace website designer by creating a project brief and exploring the database for the perfect fit. However, on the flip-side, at this time only Circle member designers are eligible to connect with prospects and pick up projects.

...a new way for our most experienced and active Circle members to connect with clients.

The Marketplace is open to Circle members who have built eight or more Squarespace websites in the last 12 months.* Once you’re eligible, we’ll send an email inviting you to join.


I love how Squarespace is connecting the dots between designers and businesses!

Learn more about the Marketplace here.

Phe Morgan
Creator in Chief of Pheelosophy Studios. Professional Dot-Connector and Digital Strategist specializing in multi-disciplinary design, social media marketing & event production. I’m always looking for new projects, contact me!

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