Beautyblender's Disappointing Foundation Range But Revolutionary Product Design

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Last week the makeup powerhouse, Beautyblender, announced the arrival of their new full-coverage Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation. Reviews are in and they are MIXED to say the least. Despite the innovative product design, swatches of the range hit the internet and many people are upset with the 32 ranged collection's far lack of darker shades. Promotion for the brand's first-ever foundation dropped a few days ago and viewers are concerned. Even one of the top beauty vloggers, Jackie Aina, took to Youtube to express her dissatisfied feelings regarding the product launch.

"Really what I'm looking at are, truthfully, 4-ish deep dark shades in this entire range. That is unacceptable for 32 shades total."

- Jackie Aina

I couldn't agree more, the game has changed and the bar has been raised when it comes to inclusivity and providing a wider selection of shades. Big beauty brands have the resources to do better and they should. If not we, as a community, will shift the buying power pendulum towards indie makeup companies.

View the foundation collection range above and below.

The unfortunate displeasure of the foundation range does not take away from the brand's considerate and functional product design. This is by far one of the most brillant designs I've seen in a longtime. Not only are you able to lock the square pump jar, thus inhidibiting spillage, there's also fresh thought behind application.

"It has a well shaped like a beauty blender which allows the foundation to pool into it and you can bounce your Beautyblender right into it for easy application."

-Musings of Muse

 Blending made easy for those on the go moments and travelers. Ahhhhh, I absolutely love this design.

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