Beauty Vlogger Alissa Ashley Helps NXY Expand Foundation Shades

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NYX partners with beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley to develop their new Full-Coverage Matte Foundation collection consisting of 45 Shades. Ashley reports being hands-on during the development process, to help ensure NXY produces their ideal range,

"...which promises options for every skin tone, with a focus on offering a variety of undertones ranging from yellow golden to cool to red."

As Allure reported, 

"...each bottle is named with both a number and a description – for example, Alissa's shade is 15.9 Warm Honey, a "medium tan with caramel undertones" – and the decimal numeral accounts for slight variations in undertones."

(YESSS! Come through details!)

The trend of influencers doing more than just posting partnership photos on instagram is here to stay. More and more brands are looking to influencers to join them during the production process, giving them an opportunity to be the voice of the people (a seat at the table if you must), throughout the journey. 

I’m excited for the product to launch, August 16th. 

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Read the full story here.

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