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Brand overview

01 - the client & Brief

TruRx CBD sells premium quality CBD drops, topicals, softgels, gummies and more. They have partnered with the BEST of the BEST to deliver a wide range of everyday products. Founded by a Black-Owned Pharmacy in Houston, TX, Pheelosophy was tapped for product, packaging, and display design.

02 - the problem

As a newly launched brand, TruRx CBD needed a simple user-friendly website that displayed their highly requested products, as well as packaging that set them apart form their competitors.

03 - the ApproAch

There from conceptions, we were able to research, develop, creatively direct, and market the evolving CBD line. The clients requested a clean yet vibrant feel for both the products and the website.

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the showcase

Products Designed:

CBD Face Mask, CBD Gummies, CBD Warming Salve, CBD Drops (2), CBD Melatonin, CBD Soft Gel, CBD Freeze Gel.

+ Product Boxes, Display Box, Mailer and Shipping Materials

Graphic Design Services Provided:

Marketing inserts, folders and stationary, sale sheets, social media content, product photography, retractable banners, window banners, web design, branding and so much more.

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Mask Product Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD PM Label Product Design

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Shopify Website Design
Website Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Drops Label and Box Product Design
Product Development
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Warming Salve Label Product Design
Product Shots
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Freeze Gel Label Product Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Soft Gels Label Product Design

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Window Display Product Design
Designed displays, mailer and additional marketing materials.

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Product Design


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"Her work was been nothing but stellar. She was very punctual and always professional. Phylicia worked with our brands for over a year and her work was been nothing but stellar. She was very punctual and always professional. Phylicia took initiative to assess our needs even when we did not have the time to to identify them for her. She pays attention to detail and maintained the mindset to always drive our business forward. I highly recommend Phylicia for your digital and social media needs."

Shayla B., PharmD, RPh

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