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Brand overview

01 - the client & Brief

Meet StrateKeys, a dynamic strategic solutions provider in the government sector. Pronounced /strat·e·keys/ and rhyming with 'strategies,' they specialize in project management, crisis communication, government relations, and general business services. Led by the visionary owners, Danielle and Staci Keys, StrateKeys recognized a unique niche in the Houston, TX market that demanded expertise in political strategies and consulting. Despite their expertise, they lacked an online presence and approached our agency to create a sophisticated and concise website that would effectively showcase their exceptional services while emphasizing their commitment to government relations.

02 - the problem

StrateKeys faced a unique challenge - despite their expertise and demand for their services, they lacked a digital headquarters to reach their potential clients effectively. This absence hindered their growth and limited their reach within the competitive Houston, TX market. They needed a compelling website that not only showcased their specialized services but also communicated their unique approach and values.

03 - the ApproAch

Our agency embraced StrateKeys' mission and approached this project with a fresh perspective. We recognized the significance of understanding their specialized field and target audience, enabling us to tailor our approach accordingly. To create a powerful and concise online presence, we focused on a clean and modern design, prioritizing user experience to ensure potential clients could easily access information. Our team collaborated closely with StrateKeys to accurately represent their brand identity and values throughout the website.

The collaboration yielded remarkable results for StrateKeys. Their new website provided a robust online presence that authentically showcased their expertise and values. The elegant design captivated visitors, while the user-friendly interface facilitated seamless exploration of their services. Ultimately, the website played a pivotal role in elevating StrateKeys to become recognized industry leaders in the government services sector.

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the showcase

We offered StrateKeys a comprehensive suite of services, tailored to enhance their brand identity and establish a powerful online presence:

a) Logo Design & Branding: We recognized the significance of a strong brand identity and worked closely with StrateKeys to craft a distinctive logo that reflected their vision, values, and expertise. Our team ensured that their brand elements were consistent throughout all marketing materials, reinforcing their professional image.

b) Website Design: Our web design experts created a sophisticated and modern website that not only impressed visitors but also provided a seamless user experience. We prioritized intuitive navigation and clear messaging, allowing potential clients to explore StrateKeys' services effortlessly and encouraging them to take action.

c) Email Signatures: To maintain a cohesive brand presence in all interactions, we designed professional and eye-catching email signatures for StrateKeys' team. These signatures showcased their logo, contact details, and a touch of creativity, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

d) Business Cards: We understood the importance of networking and designed sleek and impressive business cards for StrateKeys. These cards featured their logo, contact information, and a clean layout that mirrored their brand's professionalism.

In conclusion, our diverse range of services empowered StrateKeys to present a unified and polished brand image across various touchpoints, from their logo and website to email communications and business cards. By combining creativity with functionality, we helped StrateKeys establish a strong brand identity and effectively connect with their target audience, positioning them for success in the competitive government services sector.


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