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TruRx CBD sells premium quality CBD drops, topicals, softgels, gummies and more. They have partnered with the BEST of the BEST to deliver a wide range of everyday products. Founded by a Black-Owned Pharmacy in Houston, TX, Pheelosophy was tapped for product, packaging, and display design.

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Mask Product Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD PM Label Product Design

02 - results

There from conceptions, we were able to research, develop, creatively direct, and market the evolving CBD line. The clients requested a clean yet vibrant feel for both the products and the website and we produced just like.

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Shopify Website Design
Website Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Drops Label and Box Product Design
Product Development
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Warming Salve Label Product Design
Product Shots
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Freeze Gel Label Product Design
Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Soft Gels Label Product Design

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Window Display Product Design
Designed displays, mailer and additional marketing materials.

Pheelosophy - TruRx CBD Product Design

03 - services

Products Designed Include:

CBD Face Mask, CBD Gummies, CBD Warming Salve, CBD Drops (2), CBD Melatonin, CBD Soft Gel, CBD Freeze Gel.

+ Product Boxes, Display Box, Mailer and Shipping Materials

Services Provided:

Marketing inserts, folders and stationary, sale sheets, social media content, product photography, retractable banners, window banners, web design, branding and so much more.

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