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TREU BLEU MEDIA® is a Black Owned, millennial driven digital media company focused on elevating humanity. The founder, Tasha Bleu tapped Pheelosophy back in 2018 for a creative design project and has been a loyal client ever since. It was important for us to both highlight her photography work for various partners all while staying true to the the retro and futuristic elements she wanted to incorporate.

Tasha Bleu - Treu Bleu Media Kits

02 - results

Recently, our agency revamped the media company's logo. We created a logo that felt cutting edge and was more fitting as the brand pivoted it's mission/values. Not to shy away from the original pint palette, we instead elevated the symbol by adding chrome-like polished accents.

Tasha Bleu - Treu Bleu Social Logo
Tasha Bleu - Treu Bleu LinkedIn Banner
Tasha Bleu - Treu Bleu YouTbe Banner
Tasha Bleu - Treu Bleu Social Media Content (Instagram, Nike Jordan, Adidas, Complexcon, Beautycon, Hypebaea

03 - services

Over the past few years, we created a variety of assets that spoke to Treu Bleu Media’s values and strengths.

Services Provided:

Media kits, company forms, stationary, social media content, custom collages, banners for YouTube and LinkedIn, team apparel, video overlays, logo set and more.

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